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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

The crew of the Fibonacci finally find the Camera Obscura - but will they arrive in time? Will they be able to harness the camera's power? Will they remember to remove the lens cap?

Episode Cast

Jason Hamilton – Hamdo Bane

Jason is an IT Jedi who is really happy to be on the show and did his best to keep from chuckling at all of the Indiana Jones references.

Jen Clarke – RULA-3RDS

Jen Clarke voices RULA-3RDS, the robot with a heart of gold (which happens to be a power source capable of destroying the cosmos). She also lends her considerable comedic talents to numerous characters in our commercial spots on the podcast.

Jen is a regular performer at Go Comedy! Improv Theater  in Ferndale, Michigan. She performs with such groups as Decent Exposure, J/K, and Magna Carta.

Fred Zorn – Gulden Hauer the Snug & Character Illustrator

Besides giving great “snugs” and drawing the amazing characters for these adventure episodes, Fred also hosts an internet radio show on Bone Pool Radio focused on acoustic music called The Dog’s Ear.

On top of that, he is the creator of a series of really great stop-motion animated dog training videos on YouTube called Pipe Cleaner Pups. PSSSST! He made all that stuff in the videos by hand!!

Tony Wolf – The Guardian of the Camera

Tony Wolf is an actor, singer, and writer / illustrator based in New York City. Tony has worked in theater and film/TV for over 20 years.He has also written & illustrated 4 comics journalism pieces for The New York Times, and his autobio comics have received coverage in New York Magazine and the UK site New Statesman.

You can view his website at, or check out his IMDB page. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Fritz Swanson – The Observer

Fritz Swanson is a writer. He can be found at, and on Instagram @fritzswanson. He teaches at the University of Michigan, and is the founder of

Among other hobbies, he collects low grade Marvel Golden Age comic books. If you have a sub-100 issue of Fantastic Four that a kid drew on, he’s interested in talking to you.

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The Nerdy Photographer podcast is a photography podcast discussing life, business, and pop culture with a little bit of useless information in each episode.

This podcast is edited and produced by Casey Fatchett.