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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Jul 8, 2021

Ever wonder what photographers talk about when they are hanging out? They tell stories! Stories about the crazy things that happen while they are working. Shoots that went incredibly wrong, insane clients, and other bizarre occurrences.

And in this episode we get into some of those nitty gritty stories as Casey is joined by Mel & Dwayne from the Filters Removed Podcast to discuss some hilarious photography bloopers and we also play a game of "Real or BS" with crazy wedding photography stories submitted via Reddit.

About Our Guests

Dwayne & Mel host the Filters Removed Podcast

You can find the Filters Removed Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website!

PROMO - Film Rage Podcast

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The Nerdy Photographer podcast is a photography podcast discussing life, business, and pop culture with a little bit of useless information in each episode.

This podcast is edited and produced by Casey Fatchett.