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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Feb 3, 2022

Can art be the moment in which something occurs? Or the feeling the documentation of that moment inspires? Both?

On this episode of the Nerdy Photographer Podcast, I speak with friend and art journalist, Helen Stoilas about Yves Klein's 1960 work, Leap Into the Void and the accompanying photographs by Harry Shunk and Janos Kender.

This conversation is at times bizarre, inspiring, and hilarious.

Yves Klein Leap into the Void


About My Guest

Helen Stoilas is an arts journalist and editor who loves to talk and write about culture—both high and low. She's also a dedicated geek, lover of all things weird and whimsical and a proud cat lady. You can listen to her complain about Donnie Darko and explain her attraction to Steve Buscemi on the podcast You're No Fun Anymore. And look out for her new audio show Bizart House: Strange Tales from Art History, coming soon.

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