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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

May 19, 2022

Sometimes it can feel difficult to get creative in your photography. You feel like you have lost your creative spark or urge or mojo...however you choose to describe it!

Luckily for you, I sat down with fashion and portrait photographer Jonny Edward on this episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast to discuss overcoming barriers to our creativity, including those self imposed hurdles, so that we can free up some creative space to help others as well.

It's really a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

About My Guest

Jonny Edward is an internationally renowned fashion and editorial-portrait photographer, art director, and creative educator. They seek to empower expression and impel individuality in all they do and create. As an ardent advocate for artistic authenticity and creative community, Jonny's mission is to foster the constructs of community over competition and artists supporting artists, leading from love and gratitude, rooted in the notion that the only thing more powerful than destruction is creation. 

You can also find Jonny @jonnycreative on Instagram or at

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What Did You Think of the Episode?

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Personally, this was one of my favorite conversations I have had on this podcast.