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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

I sit down with special guest Devon Rowland to talk about photographing offbeat and non-traditional weddings. How does this branch of wedding photography differ from the mainstream? How do you get into photographing these types of weddings?

All of this and more! Plus some totally useless information.

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Jun 17, 2021

The Nerdy Photographer and the crew of the Fibonacci meet up with the confounding Dr. What to take on the universe nullifying Mehleks who seek to destroy the world through apathy!

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Jun 10, 2021

I sit with longtime friend of the show, Leighton DaCosta, to discuss photographers in movies, television, and other media. How is the profession portrayed? What is it about these portrayals that photographers love? And hate?

From Peter Parker/Spiderman to Jimmy Olsen to Dexter and more, we take a deep dive into the...

Jun 3, 2021

The 4th of July approaches! But whatever the time of year, you can always learn how to capture better photos of fireworks. This micro-episode covers several tips for creating better photos of these pyrotechnic displays.

What are you waiting for? Learn to take better pictures of fireworks in under 5 minutes!

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