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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

I was recently watching a video about the lack of originality among artists on social media.

Well, the fault lies partially with us but mostly with social media algorithms that feed us people who are great at marketing themselves instead of people who are very good at their art.

I frequently see what I would refer to as mediocre art in lots of genres with hundreds of thousands, if not more, views because whoever is running the account knows how to market themselves. Or aggregator accounts that just post 'best of' pieces from a variety of artists. We have stopped allowing people to fail at their art.

And while failure is not something I would encourage when you are applying your art commercially (e.g. when someone is paying you), it is important to your growth as an artist. Unfortunately, it seems like too many 'artists' are chasing followers and likes to take the risks that would help them discover their own unique voice.

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