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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Sep 20, 2023

Take heed, loyal listeners! Flothemes, a Wordpress template creator which I have promoted on this podcast, and which I use on five active websites, is closing up shop.

Listen to this special bonus episode for all the relevant details. Personally, I am very disappointed in how this entire situation has been handled by Flothemes and Pixieset, which acquired Flothemes in 2021. 

There's a lot to unpack for the thousands and thousands of Flothemes users and unless you were an affiliate member or part of the Flothemes Facebook Group, you may not have received the announcement yet! They are closing up shop and they still have not sent out an email to all of their users.

In the meantime, I will be searching for a new option for my several websites, and I will keep you updated in the process in case you are looking as well. Be sure to follow me on the socials for more updates: