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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Jul 7, 2022

It can be very difficult for creative minded people like photographers to get their brains in "business mode." Folks like us are just used to thinking creatively.  So, when we need to create a brand strategy that differentiates us from the rest of the creatives out there so that our business can thrive, we may find ourselves unsure of what to do.

Where do you even get started? Well, that's what this episode is about! Sit back and listen AND BE READY TO TAKE SOME NOTES. There is some homework at the end of this episode.

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About My Guest

Founder of Mercurylab, Beth Taubner has been a Transformational Brand Strategist and Creative Director working with strategy and creative communications for over 20 years. Beth has developed a proprietary approach to branding using a combination of psychological, visual and analytic processes. Beth has developed a profound emotional branding process enabling clients to come to market with a focused blueprint for success, rooted in authenticity, consciousness and real-world success.

Beth offers one-on-one consulting and coaching, and business consulting on strategic brand and creative development, communications, content creation, marketing and implementation worldwide.

You can find Beth and Mercurylab on Instagram or at their website.

Only When I Dream Fine Art Photography Exhibition

Only When I Dream is a group exhibition curated by Beth Taubner and Andrew Coningsby. The exhibition is comprised of fine art photographs, original illustrations and one video and sound installation, all of which resonate with the exhibition topic. Artists exhibiting include renowned fine art photographers Morag Patterson, Ted Leeming, Claire Rosen, Gina Glover, multi-media artist Carol Sharp along with esteemed illustrators Sam Falconer and Martin O’Neill. Only When I Dream will stimulate the viewer as we ask them to go on a multiplicity of journeys with us.

The Celtic, poet, theologian, and philosopher John O’Donohue spoke about “the invisible world” that is constantly intertwining what we are able to know, and see. This exhibition is about memories and dreams, real or fabricated.

Dreaming can be moments that crystallize yearnings, ethereal and romantic. They can be stories that we conjure tied to memories from the past, or the imagined past, therefore nostalgic and informed by memory or longings. We might experience highly sensory and visual waking or sleeping dreams where the mind and imagination travel to distant lands, or just next door. Our dreams might conjure untamed places in the physical world we have been to and long to experience again.

O’Donohue said that a dream is a sophisticated, imaginative text full of figures and drama that we send to ourselves. These concepts are explored through the multi-dimensional language and visual landscape of Only When I Dream.

Only When I Dream will be on display at the Coningsby Gallery from August 30th until September 10th of 2022 from 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. The gallery will be closed on September 4th. More information can be found at the gallery website -