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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Apr 6, 2023

Do you really have to know anything about weddings to be a wedding photographer? I guess that depends on the situation, right? Are you in a Hallmark movie? If so, the answer is probably a resounding, "NO!"

Listen, I understand that I should not expect every movie that features a photographer to portray the profession in depth or with 100% accuracy. That being said, I do expect there to be at least some connection to reality.

On this episode of the Nerdy Photographer Podcast, we're talking about the Hallmark movie "In the Key of Love," where a singer-songwriter becomes a wedding photographer and, let's just say, she's not exactly the best at in the business. When her ex love interest and song writing partner shows up on the island where Maggie is the sole wedding photographer for his sister's wedding, the hilarity ensues.

In this episode, we will be discussing the comedic aspects of the movie and how it portrays the world of wedding photography. We will also be delving into the challenges and realities of starting a new career in photography, especially one as demanding as wedding photography.

So whether you're a fan of Hallmark movies, interested in the world of wedding photography, or just in the mood for a good laugh, I have a feeling you will enjoy this episode. Join us!

Watch In the Key of Love before you listen!

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About My Guest

Steven Van Elk is a wedding photographer and one half of the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast.

“The Wedding Photo Hangover is the finest in phototainment. We are an irreverent look at photography. The podcast and blog are designed to give photographers a place to decompress and laugh at the horrors of running their own small businesses before the stress wholly crushes them. We also have a corresponding Facebook group for photographers to find support, share funny stories, and get help from other photographers.”

About the Host

Casey Fatchett has created timeless images for his clients for more than twenty years. Whether for weddings, corporate events and headshots, natural portraiture, or fine art landscapes, Casey makes dynamic photos that tell his client’s stories.

Want to see Casey’s work? View his wedding photography portfolio or his galleries for corporate events and headshot photography on his websites. View his most recent work on Instagram.

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