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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Jul 7, 2020

I speak with marketing expert Spencer Lum about crafting the perfect home page. We might be talking about photography but this advice applies to any business!

You want to have a conversation with your potential customers through your website. As photographers, we are usually pretty reticent to put a lot of copy on our websites, feeling that photos alone should tell the story. Spencer goes into the details on why that is not the best strategy if you want to stand out from the crowd in a saturated photography market.

About Our Guest

Spencer Lum runs Ground Glass and 5 West Studios.

He has spoken at Inspire, Canada Photo Convention, the Musea Gathering, Camp Go Away, and will be speaking at Nine Dots later this year. Ground Glass received the 2nd Annual Tiffinbox Award, and it has appeared as a top 10 blog on The Moderntog, Photodoto, Ejunkie, and several other sites.

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The Nerdy Photographer podcast is a photography podcast discussing life, business, and pop culture with a little bit of useless information in each episode.

This podcast is edited and produced by Casey Fatchett.