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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

Heading to WPPI 2023 in Las Vegas? That's the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International for those who don't know, and it's the largest photography convention around.

Our guest for this episode, and, for the moment, the most frequent guest on the show, Leighton DaCosta  is giving us a preview of the convention as well as thoughts on what to do while you're in Vegas.

But that's not all we are discussing in this episode. We also touch on why it is important for photographers to have insurance, both on your gear and liability insurance.

Finally, we touch on machine learning and artificial intelligence and how photographers can benefit from implementing it in their business. More on AI and photography coming in future episodes!

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About My Guest

Leighton DaCosta, or “LD” as many know him by, is a Wedding and Fine Art Portrait Photographer based in Southern California. He started his photography business more than 15 years ago while serving in the Navy. Due to the military requirements, he learned to make his studio “interstate mobile” as he has operated for extended periods in Virginia, Florida, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina, and California. He’s conducted photo assignments in exotic and remote places such as Dubai, Jamaica, and Aruba; as well as several years flying over Afghanistan.

When not creating content of his own, Leighton diligently works at educating photographers and others in the industry in not only content creation but also in business practices geared for the creative.

You can check out Leighton’s website at, and follow along with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.