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The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Sep 15, 2022

Have you noticed that more and more photographers are taking advantage of their peers these days? From desperately shilling their own products to trying to get other photographers to sign over their images for commercial use, this type of behavior has become more and more prevalent.

In this episode, I talk with Steven Van Elk from the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast about this unsettling trend.

About My Guest

Steven Van Elk is a wedding photographer and one half of the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast.

wedding photo hangover podcast

“The Wedding Photo Hangover is the finest in phototainment. We are an irreverent look at photography. The podcast and blog are designed to give photographers a place to decompress and laugh at the horrors of running their own small businesses before the stress wholly crushes them. We also have a corresponding Facebook group for photographers to find support, share funny stories, and get help from other photographers.”

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About the Host

Casey Fatchett has been creating timeless images for his clients for more than twenty years. From weddings to corporate events and headshots to unposed portraits and fine art landscape images, Casey's work has been published around the globe and garnered dozens of awards from both his clients and his peers.

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